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    Stock Code:002092

    Beauty Chemical

    • Xinjiang Zhongtai Chemical Fukang Energy Co., Ltd. laid the foundation on August 9,2009, The registered capital is 2.2 billion yuan, Total assets 9.17 billion. After the Central Xinjiang Working Forum in May 2010, The company takes advantage of development opportunities, Speeding up project construction, Put forward "two steps and one step ", Combined construction of industrial park phase I and II 800000 tons of PVC resin ,600000 tons of ionic membrane caustic soda, supporting 300000 power generation machine recycling economic projects, And in November 2012 fully completed and put into production.
      Located in Fuxi Industrial Park, Fukang City, Changji Prefecture, Xinjiang, the company is located in the east neighboring network energy Fukang Power Generation Co., Ltd., Zhundong Petroleum Base, west of Urumqi Midong border, the park is 57 km, from Urumqi downtown area about 15 km. from Fukang city center The park covers an area of 9532 mu. The average age of employees is 31 years.

    • Xinjiang Huatai heavy Chemical Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Huatai Company ") is located in Urumqi Midong Chemical Industrial Park, Established on 16 January 2004, Covers an area of more than 2500 mu. The registered capital of the company is 4.7 billion yuan, Total assets 12.1 billion yuan, Total liabilities of 4.8 billion yuan, The ratio of assets and liabilities is 40. Our main business is the production of PVC resin, caustic soda and other chemical products, There are 1595 regular employees.
      With the support of the regional party committee, people's government, Urumqi, Midong District and all walks of life, Huatai Company has always implemented the policy of "safety first, environmental protection first, ecological establishment area, technology leading ", committed to" building a park, greening a Gobi "development ideas, with advanced production technology, large-scale installation, intensive control, production information as the goal of construction. According to the policy of "overall planning, step by step implementation ", the construction began in April 2005, with a total investment of about 6.5 billion yuan to complete the overall construction of the park. At present, the annual production capacity of 700000 tons of polyvinyl chloride resin ,500000 tons of ionic membrane caustic soda and 300000 kilowatts of cogeneration units has been formed.

    • Xinjiang Zhongtai Mining and Metallurgical Co., Ltd. was established in June 2007 in Fukang City, Changji Prefecture, Xinjiang, with a registered capital of 675 million yuan.
      Since its inception, With the support and assistance of governments at all levels, The company seized the rare opportunity of the Western Development and the two Central Xinjiang Work Forums, Relying on Xinjiang's abundant reserves of coal and limestone, Actively promote the strategy of transforming superior resources. On the basis of the original 380,000 tons per year of calcium carbide, Another 5.4 billion yuan investment in 2011 to build 900000 tons / calcium carbide supporting 600 MW power station project, Has produced 1.4 million tons of calcium carbide ,1.3 million tons of lime, Coal, electricity, coal, chemical, circular economy industrial park, Fixed assets of 5.7 billion yuan, The number of workers is more than 2800.

    • After ten years of development, Markor Chemical Park has begun to take shape, forming a 2.7 square kilometer chemical park, establishing a standardized chemical production management system, and leading the domestic BDO industry. At the same time, the Markor Chemical Park also has the problem of single product, too dependent on endogenous growth and insufficient extension growth. In order to achieve leapfrog development, promote industrial upgrading, and build Markor Chemical Park into an integrated fine chemical industry and new material industry cluster based on carbon-based chemical industry with distinctive characteristics, advanced technology, friendly environment and high added value, more open park cooperation concept is needed to establish a platform park cooperation model.
      ZHONGTAI Chemical and Markor Chemical have high complementarity in resource utilization, close correlation in industrial chain, and high compatibility in long-term development strategy. The two sides can give full play to their respective advantages, take advantage of ZHONGTAI Chemical's strong foundation in the chemical industry, rich industrial management experience, and capital platform advantages; Take advantage of Markor Chemical's leading advantage in fine industry and solid foundation of international cooperation to integrate the existing assets of Markor Chemical Co., Ltd.

    • Xinjiang Fulida Fiber Co., Ltd. was established on August 6,2007 by Zhejiang Fulida Group Investment Registration. The company covers an area of about 200 hectares, mainly engaged in cellulose staple fiber and differential, functional cellulose staple fiber production, sales and technology development. The main products are cotton type bleaching, medium and long bleaching, fine denier bleaching, wool type bleaching and other special and non-ferrous cellulose staple fibers of different sizes and lengths. The products are smooth, cool, moisture-absorbing, breathable, anti-static, gorgeous dyeing and so on. They can provide pure spinning or blended with wool, hemp, cotton and fiber, and weave into a variety of fabrics. They are widely used in textile and clothing fields such as cotton spinning, knitting and wool spinning, as well as in textile fields such as medical textiles, health care products, cleaning and filtering materials, packaging materials and other industrial textiles.
      In order to actively and thoroughly implement the spirit of the 18th National Congress of the Party, Vigorously promote cross-border strong and strong combination of enterprises, With the care and support of party committees and governments at all levels, Xinjiang Zhongtai Chemical Co., Ltd., an important state-owned backbone enterprise in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous region, increased its capital to Fulida in May 2014, December 2014 and April 2016, Realized the transformation and upgrading of the industry. Has formed from green pulping, recycled wood pulp manufacturing, cellulose staple fiber production, to high-end spinning development model and annual production capacity of 400000 tons of cellulose staple fiber ,100000 tons of pulp ,300000 tons of sulfuric acid, supporting 76 MW power station, Total assets 10.8 billion yuan, Large enterprises with 2532 employees of all ethnic groups.

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